Bea Arthur, RIP

As you have no doubt seen elsewhere, Bea Arthur has passed awy, another of the Golden Girls to do so.
She had a talent for comedy, its true. Her skills helped make the ensemble of the Golden Girls funny for all viewers. I liked the show even though I had very little connection to any of the characters.
From a SF point of view, she is well known for her (singing!) role in the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special, and I think she did some Futurama work, too. But I note that the TV landscape is very different than in the days when The Golden Girls ran for seven years. Given the current TV landscape, a show like the Golden Girls, focused on a group of over-40 women, would be a very very odd duck. And probably wouldn’t last seven years.
Rest in Peace, Bea. I dread Saint Peter trying to give *you* any guff.