Games I’d Like to Play/Run

Via J.A. Detteman
He comes up with a good list of games he’d like to play/run. Given that the Indiegamers and I ourselves are batting around ideas for our next game, I gave this question some thought.
I don’t have a lot of free time to actually run/play games–I had to turn down an offer, reluctantly, to join a Fading Suns game that Brian and Carolyn are in.
With that said…

Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies.
This looks awesome. I need to write a review of it once I fully digest the book. S7s seems to want to do for Swashbuckling action what Spirit of the Century did for pulp.

Mutant City Blues

It looks like Dettman and I have similar tastes, because this one is on his list, too. This seems to be a blend of police procedural with a Wild Cards like world. Sign me up!
Dying Earth
I’m going to try and sell the Indiegamers on this, next time we meet. I cut my teeth on Vance early, and this game seems to try hard to capture the flavor of the characters and setting.
Trail of Cthulhu
Oh, I definitely would run this. I know one of the Indiegamers is dead set against a game in this genre, so I have no chance to run it with them, or else I would run it, no hesitations. I have an idea for an Amber/TOC crossover I’ve talked about with friends and acquaintances in the Amber community that I will run at the next con I get to go to…
Sure, its another White Wolf Game. But the subject matter (modern myth) appeals to me. I know there are other games which do this, too (e.g. Legends Walk) but this system, at least, I am more familiar with.