Rest in Peace, Quest

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This is Quest.

Yellow Labrador Retriever, Female.

I haven’t yet done much photography with portraits, animals, or situations where I am focusing
on one person, one animal. I’ve always meant to try and take more pictures of Quest (and my friends
other, younger dog) as a matter of practicing my skills.

In the case of Quest, unfortunately, I have lost my chance. I have learned that thanks to a sudden
stroke and uncontrollable internal bleeding, my friends had to put their beloved dog of 13 years
to sleep this morning.

I’ve known Quest from even before I came to live here in Minnesota. She was goofy, cowardly, silly,
and extremely loveable. Like my friends, I will miss her. I took a few pictures of her, available
at the link, but in retrospect, they are highly unsatisfactory.

Rest in Peace, Quest.