John Bolton: Heartless or Sociopathic?
Listening to John Bolton explain on NPR why Clinton should not have gone to North Korea to get two journalists released was…illuminating.
Wow. Just wow. Give it a listen.
John, those women aren’t, no matter what your paranoid fantasies might think, political pawns. They are human beings and I am glad, proud that ex President Clinton managed to effect their release. Boo-yah! You can be happy for that no matter what your politics are. Two American citizens released and freed. A good day for our diplomatic cachet and credit.
North Korea is a terrible regime that does terrible things to its people. The day that regime passes and is replaced by something better will be a most happy day. But not to try and effect the release of two of our citizens in a straightforward manner so that you can “make a point” to North Korea? Mr. Bolton, would you be so glib to say this if it was your own daughter? Maybe you would. Maybe you are such a true believer.
Heartless. Or Sociopathic. Maybe both.