Minnesota LEEDs the way!

U of M’s TCF Stadium awarded LEED certification
Minneapolis — The University of Minnesota’s new football stadium has been designated as a LEED certified building.
The U of M’s 50,000 seat, on-campus football stadium received LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED program certifies green building design, construction and operation.
The stadium gets the designation in part because it was built with 90 percent recycled steel. It also uses an underground system to drain and filter rainwater before it’s discharged to the Mississippi River.
Silver is the third highest LEED certification a building can achieve, behind gold and platinum. The U’s stadium is the first collegiate or professional football stadium in the country to achieve LEED status.

See? Sure, we have idiots like Bachmann and Pawlenty. But we do good things up here too!