“The Three and Ten Kingdoms”

Even with Exalted on hiatus, I can’t keep my mind off of GMing. It’s a good thing SB has survived and rolled on. If it hadn’t, I would have had to invent it, so to speak.
Anyway, a setting idea…

Anyway, I’ve been playing in my mind with a RP setting the last few days and weeks. I even badly doodled a world map.
The idea is this. The setting is a group of 13 (but there are really 12) principalties that lie in the former borders of a large continent striding empire. The soi-disant three and ten kingdoms. To their west, over the mountains, is a rump version of that former empire, which is rising and looking to rekindle former glories. There are lands across the sea to the south, and wild lands to the north and east.
If you think of a map of Europe and put the rump empire in Spain, the three and ten kingdoms roughly cover southern france and the Italian peninsula.
Anyway, the PCs would play heirs and near-heirs of these kingdoms, brought together by fostering in one of the kingdoms (in some cases, maybe straight out hostage-exchange). These PCs will one day be strong leaders in their lands. They’ve been brought together to try and better relations between the kingdoms, with the threat to the west, the wildness to the north and east, and the unknown to the sea of the south.
This gets around the problem of “how do these people know each other” and if you were thinking of this in Amber terms, why you could have a rank ladder of abilities–they’ve been together for a while before game start.
I’ve learned a few things from my indiegamer experiences. To get a real buy in with the PCs, I probably would ask the PCs to do the “Other hundred points” idea as mentioned on Some Space to Think. I would use what they want, thematically, to help shape the campaign, although some things are always going to shine through.
As far as system, I am not a system whore. I am a setting whore. I think I would use something like FATE and have something like Exalted DB powers be the focus. I could channel their ideas on Houses and the like to help shape the politics of the “Three and ten kingdoms”.Technology would be limited, although there would be plenty of fragments of old magic and technology in the former Empire’s ruins to grab. I suppose you could even use this setting for something like 4e, since it has a bit of points of light feel to it.