Minnesota Parks

Minnesota State Park Map
We here in Minnesota have a pretty good set of State Parks. No, they aren’t “National Park” class parks (although Minnesota has two NPs, a couple of Monuments and a Waterway too).
It usually costs $5 for a resident to visit a park for a day.
However, Minnesota’s DNR has an insane deal: A year pass costs $25.
I have such a year pass and this year have really used it.
This year, I have visited 18 of Minnesota’s State Parks:
Grand Portage
Judge Magney
Cascade River (twice)
Temperance River (twice)
Split Rock Lighthouse
Gooseberry Falls (several times)
Jay Cooke (several times)
Mille Lacs (twice)
Father Hennepin
Interstate (several times)
William O’Brien
Fort Snelling
Forestville Mystery Cave
It turns out that out of the 7600 items I have uploaded on Flickr, 1500 of them I have tagged as being in a state park. I think a few of these might be state parks elsewhere, but the vast, vast majority are Minnesota.
All of my Flickr State Park photos
If the weather holds, I will visit my 19th State park of the year, Frontenac, tomorrow to get one last glimpse at fall color.
And some of these parks can be pretty in the winter, too…