Unemployed and seeking new opportunities.

To Whom it may concern
In the modern workforce world, there are things that are central, that matter, that are true. These are the things that make a company succeed in a cutthroat state, regional, national and international environment.
Attention to the little and large details that make a difference in a company’s bottom line is essential. The necessity of Good Service: be it service to outside Customers, inside Customers, or even simply to other departments within an organization, cannot be overstated or underestimated. We all have to get along in this world to get along.
This world is also becoming ever more complex, and employees who can handle, or even relish tackling that complexity, even as it continually changes, is a must.
With my attention to detail, familiarity with complex and changing information, and strong customer service skills, I can help you succeed in that world. You can help me succeed in my career goals. Let’s work together.
Paul Weimer