Jo Walton on Kalvan

The indefatigable Jo Walton (herself an author of merit in her own right) has been blogging about favored novels on (And really, you are missing out if you aren’t subscribed to the feed).
Anyway, today, she talks about one of my favorites, Piper’s Kalvan of Otherwhen. Pennsylvania Trooper Calvin Morrison gets accidentally shunted sidewise in time to another world where he really can be a hero thanks to his knowledge of gunpowder.
Walton makes excellent points about how a few things, culturally, don’t work in modern sensibilities, but the rollicking story, narrative and characters (including a princess who is no wilting flower–I just love Rylla too) make the story a classic.
And its still in print on Amazon, so you don’t even need to work that hard to find it.
The Complete Paratime (Ace Science Fiction)