Chocolate Meltdown

Arthur Lebow, from NY Times Magazine, has an op ed in the NY Times today about chocolate. He laments the loss of quality of Scharffen Berger’s chocolate after being acquired by Hershey’s, and looks with concern at the attempts by Kraft (and possibly Hershey too) to acquire the British candy giant Cadbury.
He’s worried that the artisan chocolate Green and Black is going to be devalued and denatured, just as Scharffen was, if one of these giants wind up picking up Cadbury. I think he has, unfortunately, a very good point.
I like chocolate. I am a fan of good dark chocolate. I remember the days, and shudder, when I thought that Hershey’s “Special Dark” chocolate was the best thing on earth–because I just didn’t know any better. Throw in a visit to England to be introduced to real Cadbury chocolate, and my education in things chocolate proceeded apace.
Right now, for a “common everyday chocolate”, I rely in Ghirardelli dark chocolate. Lindt’s are more expensive, so I only get those on special occasions.
It would be a shame if Kraft or Hershey devalued British chocolate. There isn’t enough good chocolate in the world. There is already too much mediocre chocolate.