My new job

So let me tell you a bit about my new job.
First, I am extremely fortunate, in this economy and market to have gotten a job 30 days after the loss of my job at the Fed. I feel and am pretty damned lucky.
Anyway, I am now a Warranty Administrator (in training…) at Horton, Inc.
“Horton is a leading provider of value-added engine cooling solutions worldwide”
What this means is that Horton is and for a half century has made fan drives and fans for trucks and other equipment. I will be helping administer warranty claims on that equipment. So, I am being immersed in a sea of information on fan drives and the like.
In point of fact, proof that they take the education of their staff seriously, tomorrow I get to fly out to the physical plant in Britton, SD (on the company plane) to see how product is built, and more importantly, how its torn apart and analyzed when it fails. I have to be conversant with this for when they put me on phones talking to vendors and customers!
Besides Britton, SD, there is also a manufacturing plant in Carmel, Indiana. The company has sales offices and partners in Mexico, São Paulo, Seoul and Australia, and a manufacturing plant/sales office in Germany. (its extremely unlikely I’ll ever get to go *there*, but I can hope!)

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  1. Gratz Bro!
    I am quite sure you will soon be spouting phrases like “Ultra High torque Clutch pack” and can quote the vitues of the iso/ts 16949:2002 certification in no time.

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