Historic Map coming to Minnesota!

MPR had a story a couple of days ago that makes me jump in my seat for joy.
One of the world’s rarest maps — a massive print from 1602 showing the world with China as its center — will soon be on permanent display at the University of Minnesota.
The James Ford Bell Trust announced this week that it has acquired the “Impossible Black Tulip,” the first map in Chinese to show the Americas, from a London books and maps dealer for $1 million. Only six copies of the map remain and several are in poor condition.

The Library of Congress will display the map for the first time in North America on Jan. 12, where it will be scanned to create a permanent digital image available to scholars.
The map will then travel to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for a brief exhibition, before moving to its permanent home at the James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota in the spring.

Matteo Ricci, the Jesuit cartographer I read a biography of a couple of years back, was instrumental in the creation of this map. I recall the biography mentioning that he had collaborated on a map with chinese scholars; Clearly this is the map.
I definitely will go and see this map when it moves up here.