2009 Playoffs: Saints,Colts…Vikings and Jets?!

Okay, so my playoff predictions for the Superbowl are shot.
I admit my mistaken predictions. The Saints winning–that wasn’t really out of the line for my prediction. The Colts winning–well I did say the Ravens weren’t Superbowl bound.
The Cowboys (thank God) on the other hand, disproved half of my Superbowl pick in definitive fashion. I thought, with their successful December, that the house that Jerry built now had a team that could make a run–and they did run, all right. They ran into the Purple Buzzsaw. Zzzzzzap!
As far as the Jest….err, Jets, that I didn’t see coming. Even with three minutes left in the game, I expected the Jets to screw it up somehow. (And in that 4th down and 1 call at the end of the game, I expected the Jets to get stuffed and give the Chargers the ball with a good chance to tie or win).
So now the Vikings travel to New Orleans and the Jets go to Indianapolis. The Saints were in the Championship game three years ago (being spanked by the Bears then), but this is the first time they have ever hosted the NFC Championship. The Vikings were last in the NFC Championship in the 2000 season…the infamous 41-0 loss to my beloved NY Giants.
The Jets haven’t been to the AFC Championship since the 1998 season (when they actually had the defending Superbowl champion Broncos on the ropes before they screwed it up and lost, Jets style), the Colts were there last in the 2006 season, when they beat the Patsies and won the Superbowl.
Onward toward the Championship games for this year!