Democrats, grow a pair of &*$&^@ Balls and a Spine

You would think, from the reports, and from what Democratic politicians are saying, that yesterday’s election was a loss of 20 Senate Seats, 100 House seats, and the Republicans are now in control of Congress.
With 58 Senators, Democrats are helpless to pass health reform or anything else? With a large majority in the House, they are stuck in place and after a year(!), Health Care reform is dead?
Give me a break!
“Oh, the Republicans will filibuster. Oh, Ben Nelson won’t like it. Oh, Joe Lieberman will hate it.”
God damn it. So what? Let the Republican’s filibuster. If they do that, then you go on the airwaves.
“Republicans don’t want an up or down vote on Health care reform. Republicans–why do you hate America?” Let them be assholes–and call them on it.
Barney Frank, one of the most liberal members of the House, has said that the Senate bill, already passed and would only need the House to pass to get to Obama’s desk, no matter when Brown is seated, says that HCR is dead.
I thought Frank had a pair of testicles. Guess I was wrong.
Democrats are pussies and Republicans are insane.
If, with 58 senators and a comfy majority in the House, we can’t join the rest of the first world in getting health care for our citizens, then forget about climate change legislation or anything else. Forget it all.
This country is so screwed.
You know, its times like this that make me want to take my camera, move to Rome and take pictures of tourists for money.