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  1. What the Frak? What is the top graph supposed to represent?
    The example given, “PS I love you” has been “authorial attribulated” (what-fraken-ever that means) to be 20% Lennon, and 80% McCartney yet the red blob above it, comes nowhere close to the 20% mark.
    In fact NONE of those things matches up with any correlation. And the upper graph is stupid. A song, such a Flying is co-written by all four members so it gets “100%” but a song 50/50 by Lennon/McCartney only gets 50%?
    “Octopus’s Garden” is credited as being 100% Ringo Starr yet it is widely known and acknowledged that George Harrison worked on the song with him.
    “Get back” is the song that blows this graph out of the water. The graph puts this song Solely as yellow (McCartney). This song is unique because it is very well known from start to finish with all the experiments in the middle. Clips of the beginning riff, parts John added or worked on, comments by George and production direction from Phil Spector all survive in one form or other. The final evolution of this song is a classic “Lennon/McCartney”.
    And to put a final skewer in, the listing OFFICALLY gives credit to Billy Preston for his session work (piano)

  2. One of the opening statements of this exercise in crayon coloring is the statement:
    George Harrison also began to compose more music as he matured as a songwriter, signified by the increase in green bars (Lennon and McCartney’s lack of support through Harrison’s development is widely cited as a factor contributing to the band’s eventual breakup).
    Let’s look at that. Now undoubtedly Mr. Harrison was one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time. But he was, sadly, back up to not one but two real giants. And his song totals are thus:
    Please Please Me (63) 14 Harrison:0
    With The Beatles (63) 14 Harrison:1 Don’t Bother me
    A Hard Day’s Night(64)13 Harrison:0
    Beatles for Sale (64) 14 Harrison:0
    Help! (65) 14 Harrison:2 I need You and You Like me too much.
    Rubber Soul (65) 14 Harrison:2 Think For Yourself and If I needed someone
    Revolver (66) 14 Harrison:3 Taxman, Love you To and I want to tell you
    Sgt. Pepper’s (67) 13 Harrison:1 With In You, Without You
    White Album (68) 17 Harrison:2 While My Guitar gently Weeps and Piggies
    13 Harrison:2 Long Long Long, and Savoy Truffle
    YellowSubmarine (69) *4 Harrison:2 Only a Northern Song, and It’s all too much
    Abbey Road (69) *17 Harrison:2 Something and Here Comes the Sun
    Let It Be (70) 14 Harrison:2 I, Me Mine and For you Blue.
    Hey Jude (70) 10 Harrison:1 Old Brown Shoe
    Singles: (1968) Harrison: 1 The Inner Light
    So no, there is no “increase in green bars”. Harrison was generally given one song per album side. Of course he matured. But clearly anyone can see a song like For You Blue, which is great surely can’t compare to Lennon’s “Don’t let me Down” McCartney’s “Long and Winding Road”, “Let it Be” or the great final collaboration of Get back.
    In fact Get Back should be tri-colored. Get Back main riff and words came from a George Harrison song “Sour Milk Sea”, reworking “Get back to the place you should be” But Mike’s crayon has it in yellow because the song was “Authorial Atributized” as being solely McCartney.

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