Super Bowl XLIV: New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 17
A couple of days ago, I made a Super Bowl prediction.
The Indianapolis Colts are a machine. Vanilla, straightforward. Implacable. They are all business (although in his commercials, Peyton does let his hair down) and telegraph what they do. Its just damned hard to STOP it.
They also adjust well. The Jets had them on the ropes, and the Colts adjustments turned a Jets lead into a near-rout by the Colts
The New Orleans Saints are gunslingers. Gamblers. Party-loving. Risk taking, try it and see if it works approach. Its a risky strategy that has proven dividends. They also seem lucky, charmed, as witness the Vikings game. Luck is a big factor in football.
This, however, is the Super Bowl. As boring as it might be, I think the Colts Machine will survive whatever the Saints throw at them, and pull ahead by the end of the 3rd Quarter and win.
Prediction: Another win for the AFC. Indianapolis 31 New Orleans 17

Well, the Colts WERE a machine. The Saints WERE risky–the 4th and goal attempt toward the end of the 2nd Quarter. The onside kick to start the second half!
And well, I did get the score right. However, I had the teams wrong. Even if the Colts were better on paper, the Saints won the game. A very entertaining game, even if after the first quarter I thought it might be a rout for the Colts.
Congratulations to the new America’s Team. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints.