Audio recording of movies and programs

Over on Space 1970 (a blog about 70’s SF shows and movies) is a blog post about “Vinyl Movies”.
When Star Wars came along and surprised everyone with its incredible mainstream popularity, Lucas, Fox and hundreds of licensors scrambled to create new products that they could sell to Wars-hungry masses while said masses waited impatiently for the sequel. Among those new products was The Story of Star Wars – a long-playing record album that contained an abridged version of the film story, composed of dialogue, sound effects and music from the movie soundtrack, with additional narration (by actor Roscoe Lee Browne, who had played “Box” in Logan’s Run) to smooth out the audio narrative.
I fondly remember doing this for something else, in the age before videocassettes. When Cosmos came on PBS back around that time, my family did not have a (then expensive) VCR. I DID have an audio cassette player/recorder.
I remember recording at least one Cosmos episode (and I filled in the title with my own voice) by doing this, so I could listen to the episode in the future.