Weekend Report

I’m Paul Weimer, and you’re not (and sometimes, aren’t you glad? 😉 )

A fun filled weekend…
Saturday was Exalted game day. My player characters had a tense negotiation and discussion with four members of the Bull’s circle. I am once again pleased at how clever and observant my players are, since I subtly hinted that things were not quite right with the Bull’s group. The last time one of the PCs (Dragon Iron) had met the Bull’s circle, Nalla Bloodaxe was interested in conquest for the sake of conquest, and Crimson Antler was interested in empire-building for the good of Creation.
This time, CA seemed preternaturally quiet, and Nalla was spouting the CA line. Dragon Iron smelled a rat, and it was quickly revealed that CA was, in fact, manipulating Nalla…and that Crimson Antler was, in fact, an Infernal.
In the chaos, the remaining circle left (trying to steal the chariots of the Solars, unsuccessfully), and Crimson Antler was killed trying to escape the manse. After this, the Solars decided that letting the Bull’s circle get the first word in on what happened would be bad, and so we ended the session with the group using a quick transport spell to head east toward the Bull…and the full weight of his army.
Sunday morning was the Olson family breakfast (cinnamon bread french toast) and a little bit of Civilization IV between Scott and myself. Sunday afternoon was a trip to the Indiegamers at The Source for round two of Universalis. I still don’t think I do very well with such a freeform game (and muttered unhappily to myself, aloud about that fact), the game itself went all right. I noted that it was a coincidence in the fact that both games I’ve played now have had Global Cooling as a tenet as to what was happening in the world.
After Universalis, I decided to buy the new Doctor Who RPG and took it home, stopping at Smashburger due to hunger. I’d never been there before, but the tastiness of the burger and the italian style garlic rosemary fries convinced me to sng its praises to the Olsons when I got back home.
I arrived just in time for all of us to settle in with the new Discovery Channel miniseries Life. While we tabled the idea of whether the American (Oprah Winfrey) narration was better than the UK version (David Attenborough) would have been, Scott and I were annoyed by the implication made a couple of times that dinosaurs were reptiles.
On the other hand, the photography was amazing, and the creatures depicted were unexpected and wonderful in what they do. Like the pebble toad, which escapes predators by rolling up and bouncing down away from danger. The toad is so light that it just bounces down the slope without any ill effects.
I also liked the baby ibex, which escaped a hungry fox by running up and standing on a cliff edge that the fox couldn’t manage to reach.
We’ll definitely watch the next episodes next Sunday.
And that, more or less, was my weekend.