Brief Thoughts on Dragon Age

Now that I have finished Dragon Age: Origins, I have some thoughts…

It’s an extraordinarily well done CRPG, which brought me back to the good old days of Ultima, Wizard’s Crown, the Eternal Dagger and others.
I played as a mage, which I named, fittingly, Lorius.
I was impressed throughout with the quality of gameplay, and the well defined “shades of gray” morality in the world. Choices were rarely, if ever, black and white, and I faced a number of tough decisions in the game. To reveal them here, though, would be to spoil the storyline.
I was particularly taken in by the epilogue, which tells the aftermath of the final battle, for Ferelden, and other realms, and especially characters. Characters major and seemingly minor show up in the epilogue, and their fates are revealed.
I have started another game, this time as a Human Noble Rogue, to try new choices and tactics.