Feel somewhat in a malaise

Feel somewhat in a malaise this afternoon and I am not sure why. Part of the reason, I think, is that I changed around the stuff on the defunct Oaths of the Unicorn page, making it official that the game didn’t work out.
The reasons why are mainly time, time and time. Oh there are other factors, but they are not for me to say or to judge or to mention. Although the game just started as a writing exercise between the two GMs, there was potential there, and I am sad that the game really is done. I take my creations seriously, and I mourn their passing, especially in an untimely manner. I mourned WIRIP in the same way.
In happier news, I managed to, the other day, snag a copy of First Edition Nobilis. What is Nobilis, you ask? I point you immediately to http://www.chancel.org. I find it most intriguing. I would be willing to try and play or even GM this once the oft delayed second edition finally comes out.
Incorporating Nobilis into an Amber game would be a very strange exercise. The Amber Mailing List hashed this out months ago, and I admit that at the time I didn’t understand half of what they were saying. Many RPGs have a vocabulary to them that a player has to learn. In Amber, for instance, its things like the four stats, Amber Rank, Chaos Rank, Good Stuff, and many more. For D&D, its things like Hit points, Skills and Feats. Nobilis has terminology to master including Imperators, Chancels, Anchors, Domains, Excrucians and many more. So a lot of what was said on the list was unappreciable by me because I simply couldn’t understand some of the terminology at the time.
Re-reading those posts, I do understand it a lot better now, although the First Edition book can be very obtuse and unclear in its dense writing style.