MPR Open House

Minnesota has great Public Radio. It’s the people.
This is Bob Collins, blogger on the MPR site. He often will “liveblog” some of the more interesting discussions the other hosts have. He also blogs other stuff. I comment there often:
Bob Collins, Monochrome
This is Kerri Miller, who hosts Midmorning. She’s a strong book fanatic, too. Every time she talks books, I send in a question that touches on SF. I send in questions on other subjects, too:
Kerri Miller Monochrome
This is Cathy Wurzer, who hosts the MPR side of the NPR show “Morning Edition”. She wrote a book on Highway 61. I forgot to bring my copy for her to sign!
Cathy Wurzer Monochrome
Meet Chris Farrell, who can explain economics and the economy for the average person. A sane and sensible voice especially during bad economic times:
Chris Farrell Monochrome
John Moe is the newish host of “Future Tense”, a segment which handles all things technological for Morning Edition.
John Moe
Lastly, Gary Eichten, who hosts the Midday program. He can and has interviewed all comers, ranging from the Governor, to the local weather expert. No serious candidate for statewide office turns down an interview with Gary. He is really a Minnesota Treasure.
Minnesota Treasure Gary Eichten
A few more photos here: