I had to share this

I had to share this exchange, from my email campaign. Never let it be said that Amberites don’t take their fun seriously…
“So you have seen my cousin since we returned?” {Rylan} asks in return. “As for what we have been up to, just a small war in shadow. Nothing, I am sure, to compare with the activities going on here. Will there be many here for the ball tonight? With all that is going on, it seems a strange time for a party.”
Asteria’s demeanor goes from a pout to angry surprise at Rylan’s words. “A strange time for a party?” she says, as if disbelieving Rylan’s words.
“You’ve got her started.” Noys comments aloud.
“Why, Mother and I have been planning the Ball since, well, since Midwinter Ball was finished, months ago. We’ve worked hard on the music, the guests vetted and invited, and everything else involved.”
She pauses, and if there was any doubt that this “pretty little thing” lacked the steel of an Amberite, it is soon dispelled.
“And, Rylan son of Finndo, if you even think for a moment that I, or Mother for that matter are going to postpone or cancel our party on account of a gang of interdimensional invaders, then you are very sorely mistaken.” Her eyes flash.