Book Review 2010 #22: Torn: Erotica Ripped from the Seams

Yes, another book (small) of erotica…

Torn: Erotica Ripped from the Seams
1. the past participle of tear.
that’s torn it Brit slang an unexpected event or circumstance has upset one’s plans
1. split or cut
2. divided or undecided, as in preference he was torn between staying and leaving
In Torn, Erotica Ripped from the Seams, erotic author and anthologist Alison Tyler brings together stories written by herself, and by recurring anthology partners and friends: Jax Baynard, Sommer Marsden, Sophia Valenti and Thomas Roche.
Each of the stories explores the concept of “torn” in different ways, both metaphorical and literal. We have torn clothes, people torn by indecision and circumstance, and everything in between. With such a broad topic the stories sometimes have only an indirect relationship to the theme, but this doesn’t keep the stories from being arousing.
Sophia Valenti’s story, Having it All, takes the concept of torn to mostly metaphorical levels, as we discover how Kate is torn between Patrick and Carson…and discovers she may not have to be so torn.
Sommer Marsden’s More Holes than Jeans does involve actual torn jeans, and also a very hot threesome, as little Amy finds herself picked up by a very carnivorous husband and wife team.
Jax Baynard’s Hill Country takes us to the northern panhandle of Texas, and how a metaphorical tear in a wife’s trust in her husband is healed in the breach. Don’t get me wrong: its a hot story about a stocking fetish…
Thomas Roche’s Rip off my clothes takes it title to literal heights, in a very dirty, kinky dominance and submission story that pushes the boundaries of the anthology.
The anchor story, by Alison herself, introduces us to a writer whose lover takes tears in her jeans as a most delicious invitation to naughtiness.
My favorite story of the quintet is probably Sommer’s. Both Amy and the Gundersons are interesting characters even as they have hot sex within their short story. I’d love to read more about what the latter get up to.
But, really, they are all good, original (no reprints here) and hot. Trust me: try them, you will like them