Book Review 2010 #23: Got a Minute?

This has been a summer for erotica reviews, i suppose…

Short erotica sometimes gets a bad reputation.
Of course, much erotic fiction gets a bad reputation, but short stories are unfairly derided even within the genre as being “beat material”. Poorly written, and nothing more than two people devoid of any character having mechanically described sex. This sort of stuff fills much of the internet; its not hard to find.
Wouldn’t it be nice to read some short, short erotica that rises above that sordid reputation to something tastier, more arousing, and better written?
Although erotic novels build up the heat and passion between its characters over time, some days, you don’t want to spend the time reading to build the heat, and just want to jump into the fire. Just like sometimes, you want to sample a flavor that accumulates in the mouth, and sometimes you want to try the habanero mango salsa and feel the sharp pain quickly.
In Got a Minute, edited by Alison Tyler, you can.
Got a Minute brings together over 50 stories to this task–write a short, short story, bring a hot situation to fruition quickly, and write it well.
Given those bounds, and given the stable of authors on tap here, its difficult not to find a sheaf of stories to like. Shanna Germain gives us a protagonist who tells you, in the second person, the best way to spank her.Rachel Kramer Bussel gives us two lovers, a banker and a lawyer, whose mouths devour each other’s bodies deliciously in the summer heat. Bonnie Dee shows us how the dual acts of massage and painting toenails can lead to explosively erotic results.
IAnd if you don’t like a particular kink or author, a new situation and author is just a minute away in this anthology, waiting for you to jump into another fiery furnace of erotic heat and desire.
Surprisingly, though, given the word count strictures, some of the stories go beyond a mere hot sexual situation and bring more interesting and unexpected things into the mix.
Inga Mahn’s Backroom Sally, for instance, puts a delicious twist into the idea of a coin-operated sex machine. The editor herself,. Alison Tyler, manages to mingle a heartbreaking story of a past relationship into the current hot one in “No-Win Situation”.
That’s the greatest strength of the virtues of this anthology. Not the hot sexual situations that will fuel your imagination. Not the variety of authors with their points of view, writing styles, and ideas on display. No, its the sheer surprise and encapsulation of the unexpected in these stories that lift the sub-genre of short erotica from the sordid into the realm of erotic literature.
A truly tasting anthology that I reservedly recommend.