Book Review 2010 #24: Lucky 13

One more anthology of Erotica, this time from one author…

Ms. Marsden’s talents first came to my attention because of her frequent appearance in the anthologies edited by Alison Tyler. Again, and again, the name would crop up, always tied with a story that had strongly developed characters, were sizzling hot, and understood that the fastest way to arouse anyone of any gender or sexual orientation was to engage the organ everyone has in common–the brain.
In Lucky 13, Sommer gets a chance to show off her stuff in a solo context, bringing together thirteen of her stories for your pleasure:
Confessions of a Sexpert #1: Sally Mae
Masturbation 101
Open All Night:Claire
Confessions of a Sexpert #2: Mr. Winkler
Fresh Meat
Mrs. Polenesi
She Looked Good In Ribbons
Paper or Plastic?
Kissing Me Sexy
Beautiful Rita
For Tonight
In this collection of thirteen stories, meet Noelle, whose infidelity will tug at your heart, as well as your arousal. The darkly powerful relationship between Jared and Brenda. The special customer service Lissa gets from Chad. The melancholy encounter between Alyssa and West in She Looked good in Ribbons, possibly my favorite story of the thirteen. The sizzling office threesome in Fresh Meat. And more.
As I expected, hot sex and well developed characters together have combined into a powerful collection of Sommer’s work, and this serves as a good sampling of her oeuvre, style, and the buttons she likes to push. Like me, anyone who has encountered Sommer’s work elsewhere will find more of her excellent work here, this time unalloyed by other writers. Sometimes, you want to devour just one writer’s style and passion, and this anthology allows you to explore Ms. Marsden’s work in that way.
Sometimes the thing’s we’re forced to wait for are the very best things. And sometimes, waiting is severely overrated. Try Sommer’s work sooner, rather than later, and you will see what I mean.