Book Review 2010 #27: Sheet Music

Next up, an exciting debut of erotic fiction…

She’s a music reporter. He’s an enigmatic musician. Together they catch fire!
The best erotic fiction that works on a fictional as well as a heat level works because the author makes us give a tinker’s dam about the characters. Sure, the build up of passion, heat, and sex are the main selling points for erotic fiction. Its true. But when an author manages to get you to care what happens outside of the bedroom (or kitchen, or…), then you have a keeper. The author has managed to create a work of fiction that just so happens to have a lot of steamy sex in it.
Sheet Music manages that feat.
Kyra is a music reporter. Her assignment is David Tallis, a musician whose life is as much of a puzzle and mystery as the more reclusive music stars in our world. Kyra did not get to her position by giving up, even with such a difficult prospect. David enjoys the paparazzi about as much as a root canal. Kyra has to up her game, and wind up under David’s sheets in the process…
What starts off as a seduction turns out to be a case of About Last Night, as David’s Past, Kyra’s Present, and their very different personalities collide. With plenty of sex in between, Armstrong manages to keep up the story while continuing to charge up the intense encounters between the two main characters. Armstrong doesn’t make it easy for the two characters. Growth, and reflection are necessary for both Kyra and David before the denouement.
I didn’t think the subject matter would quite appeal to me–I consider myself somewhat musically stunted. Still, I was fascinated by the characters, the setting of London (which I have visited once) felt like the author had did her homework, and well, the encounters between David and Kyra are hot. What more can a reader ask?
I look forward to enjoying more books from Ms. Armstrong.
Sheet Music is available for the Amazon Kindle
Sheet Music
It is also available at Ellora’s Cave.