Tennessee 29 NYG 10

As the Fifth down put it.
The Giants outgained the Titans by the length of two football fields on Sunday, 471 yards to 271.
Thus concludes the good news.

Everything else was awful for the Boys in Blue. Personal Fouls (6!?!?) More and more turnovers–the Giants now lead the league in turning the ball over. Stupid decisions (Eli, why did you throw that ball into the end zone?). Missed field goals.
Absolutely awful.
In other news, the Saints FG kicker might find himself on the waiver wire soon after missing that chip shot FG in OT that cost them the game. The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0(!), the Cowboys have risen from the dead (Sorry, Texans, Midnight has struck), the rusty Charlie Batch brought the Steelers another win, my co-workers will breathe a sigh of relief that the Vikings won, and finally the Jets beat the Dolphins without either team getting to 40 points. Whatever happened to tradition? 🙂
Next up for the Giants is a Sunday night game against Chicago. Can we get any worse?? Stay tuned.