Mirror Universe Post NE 45 NYJ 3

(NB: This post came from the mirror universe, where I am a Jets, not a Giants fan)
The Namath Curse strikes again. For a moment, I believed that the 9-2 record was not a repeat of the ’86 fiasco, when we started 10-1 and then skidded to 10-6. I dared to hope.
I should not have dared. 3 Interceptions, and the unstoppable Tom Brady later, we lost 45-3 to the Patriots. No patsies today, that’s for sure.
Next up for Gang Green is Miami. We usually fight them hard, so maybe they will be a cure that ails us. If we lose to Miami…I will be convinced the crash and burn phase is in full mode.
In other news, the Giants seem to be bouncing back from their loss to the Eagles a couple of weeks ago, with a strong win over the Redskins.


Granted, it is only the Redskins. The Giants are still only the second best team in NYC. We’ll see if Favre can beat them again next week when they come up here to Minnesota.