2010 Roundup of Books and Movies

In 2010, I finished reading 39 books and saw many movies…

I read the entire Void trilogy this year, finished Kenyon’s four volume Rose and Entire quartet, read the last of Stross’ Merchant Princes series, and discovered new writers, both to me and to publishing in general. With an I-Pod, I also started to enjoy podcasts ranging from Strahan and Wolfe’s Coode Street, to SF Signal’s talented gaggle of writers, to ancient history of Rome, Byzantium and the Normans.
Favorite Genre Movie: Inception
Favorite Game: Borderlands
Favorite Podcast: The History of Rome
Favorite Book: I’m going to give a pass, too many choices.
All Books read:
39 Sizing up the Universe J Richard Gott, Robert J Vanderbei
38 Ink and Steel Elizabeth Bear
37 All that Lives Must Die Eric Nylund
36 The Cardinal’s Blades Pierre Pavel
35 The Evolutionary Void Peter F Hamilton
34 The Temporal Void Peter F Hamilton
33 Template Matthew Hughes
32 The Spiral Labyrinth Matthew Hughes
31 Transition Iain Banks
30 Palimpest Catherynne Valente
29 Prospero In Hell L Jagi Lamplighter
28 Hull Zero Three Greg Bear
27 Sheet Music Tibby Armstrong
26 The Mermaid’s Madness Jim Hines
25 Trade of Queens Charles Stross
24 Lucky 13 Sommer Marsden
23 Got a Minute Alison Tyler
22 Torn Alison Tyler
21 Empire in Black and Gold Adrian Tchaikovsky
20 The Dreaming Void Peter F Hamilton
19 Land of the Burning Sands Rachel Neumeier
18 Allison’s Wonderland Alison Tyler
17 Fast Girls Rachel Kramer Bussel
16 Lord of the Changing Winds Rachel Neumeier
15 Much Fall of Blood Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, Dave Freer
14 Stories Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrontonio
13 Dragon Keeper Robin Hobb
12 The Dream of Perpetual Motion Dexter Palmer
11 Star Finder Poul Anderson
10 The Van Rijn Method Poul Anderson
09 Starfinder John Marco
08 The River Kings Road Liane Merciel
07 The Stepsister Scheme Jim Hines
06 Prince of Storms Kay Kenyon
05 Into the Looking Glass John Ringo
04 The Quiet War Paul McAuley
03 Servant of a Dark God John Brown
02 Cursor’s Fury Jim Butcher
01 The Edge of Physics Anil Ananthaswamy