Restaurant Rant: Cantina Corona

While at the Mall of America today, My Friends the Olsons™ and I visited Cantina Corona
for lunch. Its a Tex-Mex place on the fourth floor of the mall, in a narrow and twisting space that offers good views of Nickelodeon World but is a nightmare of a design otherwise.
We were less than thrilled. In point of fact, it was a very negative experience.
Dani seemed to like her kid’s chicken burrito, and Scott’s shrimp tacos were, to his mind, okay but nothing spectacular. The free appetizer we got (and one reason we picked the place), a queso-chorizo dip and chips, was again, nothing spectacular.
The problem came with my order and Felicia’s.
I ordered the “Austin”, which was advertised as two beef tacos and a chicken burrito. Felicia ordered a 4×4 shrimp dish.
First, when they brought the food, they brought *two* Austins by mistake. Felicia reminded them of what she had really ordered and settled to wait while the rest of us ate. And she waited and waited…
In the meantime, my dish was not much above the level of Taco Bell. The chicken burrito was unprepossessing, but the tacos were u-boats. What I mean is, they used what looked and tasted like bargain basement hard shell “tacos” that Scott and I call u-boats. An extremely negative dining experience.
Worse, they were so slow in getting Felicia some food (we all finished what we wanted of our dishes and were twiddling our thumbs) that she and we finally gave up, and left to settle the bill.
Ironically, it was as we were settling the bill that they finally had the shrimp dish ready. This is unacceptable, especially given how relatively uncrowded the restaurant was and how quickly shrimp cooks. We did not pay for that dish, of course, but we felt that our unhappiness, evident in every way, should have been rectified even more. It was not. They clearly wanted to wash their hands of us and we will return the favor.
We would never go there again, and I advise you never to make the mistake.