Dream: The Magical Family

In this dream, I was not the family friend of My Friends the Olsons™, but instead a magically talented family who lived in a large Victorian house. The dream started in medias res ,with us trying to get to the nursery. Queen Mab (from Faerie) was trying to steal their baby, and had warded the usual routes to the nursery while she worked on the abduction. The patriarch of the family, his wife and I managed to get there by cutting holes in a window (which was magically locked by Mab) and crawling along a ledge to get into the Nursery and save the baby.
Once that was done, I headed downstairs to meet a Harold Bloom/Daniel Pinkwater sort of character. He was cooling his heels waiting for an interview, and wanted “3 books” to read while he waited. I finally took him into the depths of the house to interview my friends, and we passed by a bookcase. Inside that bookcase were all manner of (to our world) imaginary books, which stunned and surprised the literary expert. “The Complete Magical works of Shakespeare” was but one of the volumes that he lusted after, in the locked glass case. We also noticed that somehow, inside of the sealed case, water was dripping on the books, suggesting yet another attack, and so I was off again to warn my friends…
And then I woke up.