Meme: I surrender

Here’s how it works:
1. Comment to this post with “I surrender!” and I’ll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (post-apocalyptic scifi-fi drama, fantasy, noir gumshoe pulp, criminal procedure…IN SPACE, historical drama WITH WEREWOLVES, etc.).
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who’d play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.
Via Harry Connolly at Twenty Palaces
He gave me:
WW2 setting, classic Universal monsters vs. Nazis.
The Monster Squad
In a world where the Universal monsters are secretly real, during a USO tour, the Universal Monsters and their Army handlers discover that they are as good fighting the Nazis as they are entertaining the troops. Now, under double cover of being actors playing the monsters on a USO tour, the Monster Squad is set to punch Adolf in the jaw.
Hugo Weaving as Dracula.
Sam Worthington as The Wolfman.
Michael Clarke Duncan as Frankenstein. In a nod to Brittle Innings, it turns out he has been playing Negro league baseball in the U.S. prior to joining up with Universal.
Arnold Vosloo as The Mummy.
Thandie Newton as Annie Andrews (Ankh-es-en-amon). Its strongly implied that she was responsible for bringing the Mummy to life…
and Clancy Brown as their handler, British Major Abraham Van Helsing. He has secrets of his own, or else why does Dracula insist on reminiscing on the good old days when he and Van Helsing clashed in the 1880’s. Van Helsing can’t be *that* old, can he?