Picture: Origin of the Mississippi

The origin of the Mississippi by Jvstin
The origin of the Mississippi, a photo by Jvstin on Flickr.

It’s time to start sharing pictures from my two fall color trips.

First up:

This is Itasca State Park, in northwest Minnesota. As the marker indicates, this is the outlet of the lake, a little river called the Mississippi. Yes, you can walk across those rocks there, and thus walk across the river. There is also a small wooden slab a few yards downstream (to the right) for those who are afraid of the slippery rocks, or don’t want to cross them twice.

Itasca State Park and the lake sit on and north of the Itasca moraine, which is why, paradoxically, the river flows north and east out of the park, and only turns south for good at Grand Rapids (birthplace of Judy Garland).