A modest proposal: The Pyramid Tax plan

A modest proposal: The Pyramid Tax Plan
Greetings, friends.
Studying and listening to the Republicans, both those running for the highest office in the land, and those already holding Congressional offices, tells me that there are two major problems, tax wise, in America today:
1. The poor don’t pay enough taxes. Those lucky duckies don’t pay any tax. How is it fair that 53 percent of Americans pay the taxes for the lazy and shiftless 47 percent?
2. Taxing the rich will kill jobs. They will move away, won’t be job creators, and will Go Galt. We need to get rid of the death tax, too, because heirs of millionaires and billionaires shouldn’t have to pay tax just because their parent died. Its absolutely fair that gifts are taxed, that’s fair and balanced. But inheritance? Why should a windfall such as an inheritance be taxed?
So, better than the 9-9-9 plan or Perry’s plan is my Pyramid Tax plan, that addresses these two major problems.
The key to this plan is simple–the more you make, the less you pay in taxes.
For incomes below the median, we’ll set the tax rate at 35%. Yeah, that’s a tax increase, I admit it–but those shiftless poor lucky duckies aren’t paying their fair share. But read on, and yo will see how it becomes fair.
The genius of the Pyramid Tax plan is that as you rise in income, your tax rate–and not just your marginal rate, decreases. By the time you are making $250,000 a year, the President seemed to like that number back in the 2008 campaign, you will pay ZERO tax on any of your income.
Just think of it. People will be motivated to work harder, longer hours, and more jobs, because they know if they can just get to the next tax bracket, they will be taking home more money. And those poor flooding our country? Well, they’ll change their tune real fast with that 35% tax rate, unless they have skills that will let them make money fast. This will solve the illegal immigration problem in a heartbeat.
Just think of all the jobs Warren Buffett or Paris Hilton can create knowing all of their income is tax free. Just think of the free capital flowing to America. And think–the wealthy and affluent, the people we WANT to immigrate to America, not the poor, will come here in droves.That will stimulate the economy, won’t it? And it will be an honor and a privilege for them to be here. And with the new rules in Citizens United, they can spend lots of money in corporations giving campaign contributions and ads, which will further stimulate the economy.
The Pyramid Tax plan–because America deserves nothing less.
God Bless you and God Bless America.