Short take on In Time

Short take on _In Time_:
The movie was relatively entertaining, although a bit too didactic and a little too much of hammering the morals and the theme a little too relentlessly at the expense of plot, characterization and setting.
´╗┐Cillian Murphy is far and away the best thing in the movie.
The cinematography is good even if most of the movie is an extended chase scene.
While an intriguing premise on the surface, the movie is somewhat lacking for a couple of reasons:
The worldbuilding needed another go around. The basic concept is fine, but the director seems to not have to thought out the consequences of using time as a currency and an implanted one at that without any safeguards. I didn’t find that believable especially since its implied you can steal time from someone who is sleeping.
The security of banks and other places seems awfully weak and easy to break.
There is the hints of a strand of plot involving Cillian Murphy’s character and Justin Timberlake’s long-ago-dead father that really isn’t resolved or dealt with in an effective fashion. It feels like that development arc got cut.
Amanda Seyfried has no real chemistry with Justin Timberlake and, no surprise in Hollywood, has a underdeveloped character.
In Time is a movie long on premise but disappointing on the execution.