Picture of the Day: I-35W Memorial

I-35W Memorial by Jvstin
I-35W Memorial, a photo by Jvstin on Flickr.

Today’s picture is also from Thanksgiving Night.

This is the memorial built to remember the 13 people who were killed in the collapse of the I-35W bridge. Each of the pillars is dedicated to one of the victims, and each has one of the names of the victims inscribed on it.

The wall behind it has the names of all of the people who were on the bridge, but survived the collapse.

For a while, those names had been removed, because some cretin decided to try and deface the memorial by removing letters. Thankfully, the memorial is now complete.

There is also a path to an observation desk where you can see the I-35W bridge. It’s actually not a great vantage point for taking pictures, too many things blocking the view, especially at night.