NFL Playoff Predictions 2011

As the wild card game round of the NFL is set to begin, its time for me to make some useless predictions for who is going to win the Super Bowl. I don’t have a particularly good record. 🙂
Anyway, my predictions (home team in bold)
Wild Card Round
Saints over Lions (Saints are far too good)
Giants over Falcons (a bit of optimism, see?!)
Steelers over Broncos (sorry, Colorado friends)
Bengals over Texans (Poor Texans, with a QB they might go places)
Divisional Round
Packers over Giants (and so it comes crashing down)
Saints over Niners (I don’t think the Niners are playoff tested, and here they fall)
Patriots over Bengals (Quelle Surprise)
Ravens over Steelers (A bruising matchup!)
Conference Championship
Packers over Saints in a shootout–or a 10-7 game if its snowy and cold
Ravens over Patriots. Wishful thinking, maybe.
Super Bowl
Packers repeat as Super Bowl Champions over the Ravens.