Jenn has posted what she

Jenn has posted what she has entered for games. I finally did it this past weekend, thanks to that nasty depression. And yes, Jenn, I have to get back to you on your AAPA character. I promise.
So, for the interested:
Slot 1: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Chaos, co-gming with Felicia Olson
Slot 2: Ad Amber per Astra
Slot 3: Rites of Passage (campaign). Will Cadmus figure out his parentage? Or at least what Fi and Brand have to do with it?
Slot 4: My primary choices are Deb and Bridgette’s To ‘Scape the Serpent’s Tongue and Felicia’s Revelations in Amber
Slot 5: Ghosts of the Past
Slot 6: Wizard in the Attic, the 2003 Edition
Slot 7: I signed up for Chris Kindred’s A Night Amidst Wolves. With his popularity, its a crapshoot if I will get in
Slot 8 I signed up for (again) Chris Kindred’s To Live and Die in Texorami. See Slot 7
I’m hoping, and dreading for the diversity to be in the people who come to my games. I think its going to primarily be in WITA, because most of my friends who could, DID play in the original edition. (Bridgette is an exception, and she will not be able to make it this time, either). So I could wind up for the first time with a room full of strangers without a single person I know.