The Story of my camera–update

Well, the news on my broken camera is bad.
Very bad.
I had thought it was a loose wire, or something that caused my camera several weeks ago to simply stop working. Sending it in for warranty, I received notice from Canon yesterday that the failure was non warrantable. According to them, the failure was due to “liquid damage to internal parts”.
Their estimate to repair the camera is practically the cost of just buying a new camera. $900.00. I have been unable to talk the powers that be at Canon around on this.
Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do a repair or replacement. I scrimped and saved for the last one, so I am looking at months and months
to do it again.
In talking with some fine folks, it has been suggested I put out a shingle and ask for donations, and perhaps sell prints and photo albums of my work in a fundraising capacity via something like Indiegogo.
Part of me wants nothing to do with this idea. There are far more worthy causes out there worth your money than giving me money so that I can take photographs again. But, then, again, if I do not ask…
If you wanted to donate money directly to me via, say, Paypal, my email address is jvstin [at] Thank you to those who already have given me a few shekels. I really appreciate it.
I am intending to do a bit of a fundraiser to sell prints and photo albums. I have thousands of pictures to select from already.
You may have seen my pictures on twitter. Or here on my blog. Or on Google Plus.
What do you like? What sorts of pictures (or if you have bookmarked a favorite, even better) would interest you in buying a print or a photo album of? Send me email at jvstin [at] and let me know. I’d like to curate a selection to offer to people. (Or if you have a favorite, now, let me know and we’ll arrange something!)
Best Regards,
Paul Weimer