13th Age: Pink Slime

You can thank, or blame, Lou Anders for inspiring the dreaded Pink Slime.

Stats are for Pelgrane Press’ 13th Age.
Slime, Pink
The amorphous mass of moving bright pink material is far deadlier than
its cheery color might suggest, as many adventurers have discovered to their

Large 4th level Spoiler [Aberration]
Initiative +3
+9 vs PD: 14 damage and 5 points of ongoing Acid damage.
Miss: 3 points of Acid damage
On a natural even hit with the Pseudopod,it can use Engulf on its next turn on that opponent.
Engulf: +11 vs PD, 18 Acid damage, 5 points of ongoing Acid Damage, and the
target is weakened until the end of its next turn (-4 attacks and defenses).
AC 19
PD 20
MD 13
HP 54
Resist weapons 10+: When a weapon attack hits this creature, the attacker must roll a 10+ on a d20 or the attack deals only half damage instead.
Nastier Specials
Slime Glob Attack [in addition to a Pseudopod attack]
+9 vs AC, Ranged. 10 damage and 5 points of ongoing Acid Damage. On a natural even miss, the ranged attack does 3 points of Acid Damage.
No Icon wants to admit that they created the horror of Pink Slime. The likely source is probably the Archmage, but no one is certain. None of the Icons are depraved enough to try and use the slime as a defender in their citadels.
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