Khalakovo 30 Barrayar 22 (example game from the Interdimensional League)

Week 2

played in Khalakovo

40 degrees, fair, 6 mph wind

Barrayar Vor770822
Khalakovo Airships02001030

Scoring Summary
1Q: 06:09 BAR – Sam Walters 3 run (Kim Maier extra point)
2Q: 11:55 BAR – Quentin Turner 15 pass from Don Whittenburg (Kim Maier extra point)
2Q: 06:04 KHA – Jonathan Fisher 22 field goal
2Q: 05:23 KHA – Ernie Edwards 7 pass from Rusty Miller (Jonathan Fisher extra point)
2Q: 03:09 KHA – Sammie Lachance 37 pass from Rusty Miller (Jonathan Fisher extra point)
2Q: 00:07 KHA – Jonathan Fisher 39 field goal
4Q: 12:54 KHA – Tracy Borders 9 pass from Rusty Miller (Jonathan Fisher extra point)
4Q: 02:24 KHA – Jonathan Fisher 36 field goal
4Q: 00:12 BAR – Quentin Turner 6 pass from Don Whittenburg (Don Whittenburg pass to Shane Wolf for conversion)

Team StatisticsBARKHA
First Downs2017
– by Rushing35
– by Passing1710
– by Penalty02
Total Net Yards312319
– Offensive Plays6255
– Yards per Play5.035.80
Net Rushing Yards67115
– Rushing Attempts1830
– Yards per Rush3.723.83
Net Passing Yards245204
– Att./Comp./Intrcpt41 – 27 – 224 – 17 – 0
– Gross Passing Yards263211
– Sacks/Yards Lost3/181/7
– Yards per Pass Play5.578.16
3rd Down Conversions4/117/14
– Avg. YtG on 3rd Down9.14.2
4th Down Conversions1/10/0
Punt Returns/Yards4/83/67
Kick Returns/Yards6/1444/96
Interception Ret./Yards0/02/40
2pt Conversions1/10/0
Red Zone Visits33
– Red Zone TDs/FGs3/01/2
Avg. Drive StartOWN 26OWN 39
Time of Possession27:4432:16

Drive Charts

Barrayar Vor
QuarBeganPoss FromPlaysYardsResult
115:003:23OWN 17536Punt
111:145:12OWN 47953Touchdown
13:431:37OWN 938Punt
11:194:30OWN 131287Touchdown
25:590:36OWN 3310Interception
25:152:06OWN 3435Punt
22:521:55OWN 25511Punt
20:020:02OWN 201-1Half
39:132:12OWN 28434Interception
35:391:27OWN 2137Punt
412:433:45OWN 26615Punt
42:192:17OWN 431057Touchdown
OWN 33
Khalakovo Airships
111:370:23OWN 2030Punt
16:022:19OWN 3537Punt
12:060:47OWN 3237Punt
211:495:50862Field Goal
25:230:08OPP 717Touchdown
23:090:17OPP 37137Touchdown
20:570:55OWN 34244Field Goal
315:005:47OWN 33946Missed FG
37:011:22OWN 253-4Punt
34:126:29OWN 331267Touchdown
48:586:39OWN 301151Field Goal

Game MVP: Rusty Miller, Khalakovo Airships

Rushing Statistics

Don Whittenburg7324.571010
Sam Walters6203.33701
Shane Wolf4133.25700
Walter Nixon122.00200
Roderick Dodge22753.411410
Tracy Borders8405.00800

Passing Statistics

Don Whittenburg41272633/18228279.6
Rusty Miller24172111/73370137.3

Receiving Statistics

WR Quentin Turner81110713.389262
RB Shane Wolf67335.501780
TE Lionel Joyner34279.003130
WR K.C. Bryant35289.330130
WR Eugene Blair344314.3333280
RB Sam Walters121515.007150
WR Kenny Boerigter1266.00060
FB Walter Nixon11-3-3.000-30
WR Gilbert Zastudil1377.00070
TE Paul Atkins0200.00000
WR Sammie Lachance579018.0031371
WR Richie Bronson35217.000150
TE Ernie Edwards234221.0031351
RB Roderick Dodge222412.0020240
RB Tracy Borders22199.5014101
WR Ronnie McPike1277.00070
FB Ray Givens1111.00010
TE Dan Browning1177.00070
WR Marcus Singleton0100.00000

Interception Statistics

OLB Pat Cesario100.000
S Rob Pasquarella14040.000

Fumble Statistics

Shane Wolf2000
Sam Walters1000
Wesley Chiodo0100
Quentin Turner0100
Lionel Joyner0100
Eugene Blair0100
Kenny Boerigter0010
Julio McSorley< /FONT>0010
Ronnie McPike2000
Marcus Singleton0100
Pat Cesario0010
Benjamin Ellard0010
Devin Prescott0010

Punting Statistics

Oscar Newman626143.529.3512
Corey Helmuth419649.047.0633

Kicking Statistics

Kim Maier0/00/00/002/2
Jonathan Fisher3/40/00/0393/3

Punt Return Statistics

Shane Wolf482.00
Ike Girardi36722.30

Kick Return Statistics

Ricardo Littleton614424.00
Ronnie McPike49624.00

Defensive Statistics

DE Clay Moore711.02318
S Kenny Guagliardo620.02821
ILB Joel Rhodes450.02620
CB Ricardo Littleton400.02622
S Rusty Mallon320.02621
OLB Donald Tougas310.01615
CB Vince Sugita210.01720
OLB Victor Neeley210.0188
CB Richard Silvers210.078
DT Wesley Chiodo200.01717
OLB Maurice Harden200.043
CB Henry Miasek200.074
DE Frank Johannson130.02821
DT Steve Collette120.098
CB Johnny Stopek110.02521
DT Carlton Clemons100.01613
T Shaun Johnstone10
RB Sam Walters10
DT Trent Rosow100.0138
S Allen McArthur100.088
OLB Devin Prescott801.0932
ILB Anthony Maticic510.01426
ILB Marco Fertwagner500.0418
CB Alex Scukanec410.01539
S Rob Pasquarella400.01241
CB Wayne Chipokas330.01844
S Johnnie Karluk300.01637
DE Joe Hall300.0717
OLB B.J. Albright210.51234
CB Clifton Wooden220.01534
OLB Pat Cesario210.01115
DT Kris Terrell200.01632
DE Randall Crawford100.51127
DE Omar Terry030.51533
DE Charles Stoermer010.5311
S Everett Swindler020.01330

Pass Rush Statistics

DE Clay Moore1.011018
DE Frank Jo

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