Immigration (political rant)

Sometimes my politics gets the better of me. If this offends you, ignore this post and wait for the next pretty picture or genre thing. There is a genre reference in this rant, though.
Okay, still here? Immigration.
The Immigration debate, especially by the Right, is absolute nonsense. The phrase I hear as the reason why we can’t have immigration reform is the catchphrase “Secure the Border”. Has anyone asked the proponents of this just exactly what they mean by this? Are they asking for a Festung America? Do they have a *clue* how long the US-Mexico border is? (And don’t get me started on the US-Canada border: But let’s face it, most of these ilk don’t care about that border. It’s to stop the Great Brown Hordes from Mexico and Central America.
Okay, so even if you wanted to spend the billions to make The Great American Wall first (physical or virtual), then what? What do you then do with the estimated 12 million people here without proper legal residency?
A. The Kratman Option: You deport them all. This would be massively difficult, massively expensive, and massively stupid. (In one of Tom Kratman’s novels, it apparently does go off in the backstory to the novel). And the effort to do so would be extremely harmful to America as a country–the militarization inside our borders would be something that I think would be hard to undo once done. Because, really, it would take the military to do it. ICE is not equipped to do so. Do you want troops deployed in your town looking for undocumented immigrants? Do you think that they won’t have to stay around to make sure The Great Brown Hordes stay out? Do you want the third Amendment to the Constitution to be the one shredded next?
B. The Underclass Option: You let people stay here with wishy washy words that you aren’t going to deport them, but you never provide a way for them to become citizens. You create a permanent underclass of non-citizens in the country, not able to vote, relegated to the lowest jobs, a permanent untermenschen. Oh, perhaps some will rise above their station, but for the most part, they stay in the shadows. (They might vote against the party that relegated them to this after all if you gave them the vote.). Last I checked, that wasn’t very American, either.
The only option is C. The Reagan Option. You have to provide a rational and reasonable path to legal status and citizenship to those 12 million people here if you want to be true to this country and its founding principles and beliefs. Yes, “Amnesty” Anything else changes America in ways that I think are undesirable.