Alluvial Fan Falls

It’s bloody stinking hot here in ‘Mogadishu on the Mississippi’¹, and so the perfect pictures to share in weather like this are waterfalls. I didn’t see many waterfalls on my trip to dry Colorado, but I did come across one in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is Alluvial Fan Falls, which is a remnant and legacy of a terrible flood that hit the park in 1982 thanks to a Dam failure that killed three people. The dam is gone, the lake is diminished, and the debris that flood carried down has created these falls.
Stay cool!
¹’Credit for the phrase Mogadishu on the Mississippi goes to Theodore Beale. In contrast to his view and beliefs, I love the multicultural nature of the Twin Cities. Remember, every time you eat some tasty Doro Wat, Vox Day cries.