Reardonism Ficlet

RBC News, London, August 18
Reardonist Sympathizers claim responsibility for explosion at warehouse of supplies for victims of Hurricane Isis.
Reardonist Sympathizers have claimed responsibility for the destruction of a temporary warehouse set up for victims of Hurricane Isis in the American state of Carolina. Minor injuries are reported, but thousands of dollars of relief supplies were destroyed.
A spokesman for the Reardonist movement praised the action in an interview with RBC News:
“This sends a message to the Federal Government that the American people do not want their tax dollars being used for moochers and collectivist actions.” Ann Randolph said. “The purpose of the government in our view is only to ensure property rights. It is not to waste taxpayer money on those who were foolish enough not to prepare for natural disasters such as this.”
Senator Taggart of the state of Franklin in a statement said that while she did not condone the incident, “This sends a message that the government needs to reassess its priorities. Americans do not want to spend their tax money on bailing out people. It is UnAmerican and Collectivist to expect hard working Americans to pay for other people’s problems.”
Senator Taggart is a co-sponsor of the effort, with Senator Enderby of Deseret, of an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would devolve law enforcement within U.S. borders entirely to private entities.
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