The fraught social activity of buying a book

So, there’s an author.
I like his work, he writes in a subgenre of F/SF that not many people tackle, and he tackles it rather well, I think. Good stuff, a tad underappreciated, good stuff.
However his political and personal beliefs are diametrically different than mine. This has usually balanced out to reading his books, except…
His newest forthcoming book is coming from a new micro-press run by one of the most odious, bigoted, horrid people in the F/SF community. Buying the book, when it comes out does support the author, warts and all, but it also supports this micro press, its founder and the founder’s goals.
The question is–do I buy the new book?
I don’t think there is an easy answer to this.
Buying a book can be a social act, and can be similarly fraught Not news, I know, but there it is.