Reaction to “The Problem of Engagement –by Toni Weisskopf

That a respected editor of a major imprint is driven to write this…I don’t know.
I don’t know where things have gone wrong. Is this an acrimony large enough to destroy fandom?
I *do* want us to get along. I want voices respected. I want people respected.
I do NOT want conventions where women are harassed, and the behavior is dismissed as “That’s the way Pikul always is. He’s harmless.”. Not harmless to those he harasses.
I do NOT want authors hijacking the SFWA thread to promote posts that call an entire race “subhuman”. Racism and sexism have no place in my book.
I do NOT want witch hunts on either side.
And yet, sides are drawn. I get banned from commenting at a blog because my beliefs are divergent. Armed camps and bristling anger.
I want to read, and talk to authors, and enjoy genre. That’s what I want.