National Parks and me

I am a “late convert” to visiting National Parks.
Although my first “national Park” is technically the Gateway National Recreational Area in NYC, and I visited several of the historical ones in New York, my National Park experience really dates to my emigration to Minnesota. (Although, funny, as a prelude, one of my courses in College had a textbook of the geology of National Parks, which was an eye opening experience. I got, and lost, a poster map of the Grand Canyon geology from that course).
So, my visits to National Parks:
2005 Teddy Roosevelt National Park
2005 Yellowstone National Park
2005 Grand Teton National Park
2005 Mt. Rushmore National Monument
2005 Badlands National Park
2007 Teddy Roosevelt National Park
2007 Jasper National Park, Canada
2007 Banff National Park, Canada
2007 Yoho National Park, Canada
2007 Waterton Lakes, National Park, Canada
2007 Glacier National Park
At this point, I convinced myself to get myself a DSLR! I was hooked into visiting and photographing National Parks.
2008 Badlands National Park (2nd visit)
2008 Mt. Rushmore National Monument (2nd visit)
2008 Devil’s Tower National Mounment
2008 Jewel Cave National Monument
2008 Wind Cave National Park
2008 Pipestone National Monument
2008 Minuteman Missile National Historic Site
2009 Teddy Roosevelt National Park (2nd visit)
2009 Yellowstone National Park (2nd visit)
2009 Grand Teton National Park (2nd visit)
2009 Glacier National Park (2nd visit)
2013 Arches National Park
2013 Mesa Verde National Park
2013 Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
2013 Grand Sand Dunes National Park
2013 Capulin Volcano National Mounument
2013 Florissant Fossil Beds National Mounument
2013 Rocky Mountain National Park
2013 Mt. Rushmore National Monument (3rd visit)
2013 Badlands National Park (3rd visit)
2014 Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
…Where will I go next?