My 2014 Convergence Schedule

I will be at Convergence 2014. So will the Hugo Nominated Podcast I am a part of! Will I see you there?
Thursday, July 3
Skiffy & Fanty Show – Live at CONvergence!
With guests Carrie Patel and Martha Wells
Shakespeare and Fantasy
From mythical kings like Lear and Cymbeline to the mage Prospero and his monsters in The Tempest to the fairies of Midsummer Night’s Dream, and ghosts all over the place. Why are these plays still speaking to us 400+ years later?
Saberhagen’s Dracula
Fred Saberhagen wrote a series of books from Dracula’s point of view, including The Dracula Tape, Old Friend of the Family, and more. We’ll discuss his work, particularly the more complicated moral portrayal of vampires.
Friday, July 4
Gaming When You Have a Life
Mods and DMs, how do you handle being adequately prepared to give your players the best possible experience when you’re balancing family, a full-time job, etc. We’ll discuss Pathfinder Adventure Paths and other timesaving options.
Saturday, July 5
Mythology in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy
We have all heard of Zeus and Thor, this panel is about mythology in the modern world or the past, from Marvel’s Thor movie to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, to other less known areas of the mythological world.