The Kratman Doctrine

So let’s talk about the Kratman Doctrine.
Tom Kratman is a science fiction author with rather extreme views. One of his SF novels was a polemic against Islam, positing a future where Islam had “conquered” Europe and the U.S. bravely held out against “Dhimmitude”.
And then there was this. (Link to Theodore’s Beale’s place, a place where you will lose SAN points visiting.)

Aside from anarchists like Chris, the relationship here between citizens and police is complex, has a different history than it does a present, and is changing for the worse. There’s a lot that goes into it, that arises, I think, from leftist driven societally suicidal idiocy.
The usual and reasonable percentage of cop to citizen is about 1 per 300 or so. At that level, provided we do not retire cops at 20 or so years (which has all kinds of other problems) we can have good policing, by people who are suited to be cops, which is to say people, almost always men, who can use violence, and look like they can use violence, but who actually prefer not to; men, in other words, who are a stablizing influence. But 1 to 300 is it; any more than that and you start letting in too many hyperactive yet not too bright, violence prone sorts. (Obviously I don’t have a problem with violence; I have a problem with excessively and needlessly violent police.) No 20 year retirement? When you retire cops long before their useful life as problem solvers and calm and peace maintainers ends, you make the problem much, much worse, because there are not sufficient replacements.
Now add into that a revolving door legal system, failure to put to death common law felons so that there is at least a chance to improve matters, and a prison system that graduates much more capable criminals than it takes in. Think about that last one for a minute, because it happens in the UK, too: our schools are failing at producing educated and responsible citizens, but by God our prisons can educate people and make them better at their chosen calling.
Add to that that while police are necessary to civilization (and, sorry Chris, but anarchists are not), civilization is also necessary to police. They can only be police in a society where policing is actually generally possible. Increasingly that society is not ours.
Right now we’re stuck in a self reinforcing cascade of civilizational decay. What is happening to the police and to civil-police relations is partly cause and partly symptom. It is unclear that there is anything we can do about that that we will do.
So as not to be seen as too negative, however, let me offer a somewhat holistic solution: Kill all the common law felons in custody. Round up and kill all the people ever convicted of a common law felony currently at large without clear and convincing evidence that they have amended their lives (job, wife, home, no further crimes of any kind). For us, that’s probably in the range of 6 million people. And then we need to round up the progressives and kill them too. (Why do we call them “progressives,” anyway? Their job isn’t progess; it’s decay.) And then use all the overmilitarized police and prison guards to round up and kill or deport illegals. Then put them on the border to our south, and on small patrol craft at sea. They’ll be happier, and so will the rest of us.
That’s all pretty harsh, right? Unjust? Horrid? Horrible? Unthinkable? Yeah, well, the collapse of civilization, which is where we’re heading, is going to be a lot worse, and to much more innocent people. Think little kids turning on spits over low coals.
Rather than being a Swiftian parody…Kratman, in comments (read them if you dare) has said that this is murder…but “necessary” to save Western Civilization. To save America.
In a comment, Tom says:

Thing is, though, that except for putting to death all common law felons, I don’t _want_ to do hardly any of that. Really don’t. I just don’t see any other way. And, ya know, WTF, _I’m_ not one of those who got us into this mess that requires what amounts to mass murder to prevent worse mass murder.
I don’t want to live in a United States where the Kratman Doctrine is put into effect. Period.