Done with the Blue SF crowd

I’m done with the Blue SF crowd.
Really, I’m done with them.
All of them.
Today was the breaking point. Tom Kratman suggesting Western Civilization could only survive by killing every felon in the US, and the progressives as well, was genocidal and bad enough.
Teddy Beale, Vox Day, suggesting the USA would have been in the right to machine gun down the children at the US-Mexico border is a whole new level of evil. Congratulations, Teddy. Theodore Beale, Vox Day, you are an Evil Sick Fuck.
So I’m done with reading anything they do. Any of them. I was banned, once, twice, at Sarah Hoyt’s blog. I should have taken the message, then and there.
Now I have.
I read what they say no more.
John C Wright, if you read this. I know you’ve considered me a friend. So has your wife. I’m sorry. Your publisher speaks evil. Evil as bad or as worse as you condemn “The Left” for.
Can you not see this? Can you not stand against this?
Will you say nothing? Silence IS assent.